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Mitch McConnell Shoulder Fracture

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Get the Point of the Debt Limit

Sometime next month, the United States will run up against its statutory debt limit. Unless Congress raises the ceiling, the federal government will either default on the national debt or be compelled to freeze critical domestic and defense initiatives — or possibly, even both. The Biden administration has asked Congress to raise the debt limit,…


KY lands its largest economic development project: 5,000 jobs and $5.8B investment

Kentucky has landed the single largest economic development project in its history, a $5.8 billion investment by Ford Motor Corp. and South Korea-based SK Innovation to build two battery manufacturing plants in Glendale in Hardin County that are expected to employ 5,000 people. The announcement Monday puts Kentucky at the forefront of the automotive industry’s…


John Hinckley, Who Shot Reagan, to Be Freed From Oversight

A federal judge said Monday that John Hinckley Jr., who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan four decades ago, can be freed from all his remaining restrictions next year if he continues to follow those rules and remains mentally stable. U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman in Washington said during a 90-minute court hearing…


COVID-19 vaccines offer benefits even to those previously infected

CLAIM: Those who have had COVID-19 have natural immunity against the disease and do not need a vaccine. No one should be vaccinated without first testing for COVID-19 antibodies. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Studies have shown that infection from COVID-19 provides short-term immunity, but that protection fades over time. In addition, natural immunity differs from person to…


Feds indict two Afghan refugees on child sex, spousal assault charges

A federal grand jury in Wisconsin indicted two Afghan refugees Wednesday, accusing them of committing crimes while they were staying at a local Army base after being taken out of Afghanistan. Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with one count of attempting to engage in a sex act with a minor by force and three counts of engaging…