Ky. school warns parents that kids are barking like dogs and it’s a TikTok trend

Camp Ernst Middle School officials in the Boone County School District told parents in a letter this week that kids are barking at each other, which is a trend on TikTok.

“We have noticed an uptick in TikTok trends such as challenges that encourage kids to destroy the soap dispenser in the bathroom and kids making animal noises toward each other, specifically barking,” the letter posted on the school’s Facebook page said.

“We cannot allow kids to bark at each other or any other like behavior,” the letter from the Burlington school said.

The school is also concerned about kids wearing leather straps with spikes.

“We could also use your help regarding the clothing items these social media trends have inspired. We are noticing kids wearing items that are not school-appropriate such as collars (they do not appear to be choker necklaces), leather straps with spikes which can be a safety concern,” the letter said.

“We have invested some time trying to understand the origins of these changes in behavior,” it said. “We have found that social media outlets are usually where these trends originate and circulate. We are definitely seeing it in our schools.”

School officials asked families to discourage such behaviors through “talking with your child about the dangers of social media, and the importance of being kind and respectful to all people.”

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