Olympian Sydney McLaughlin reveals one key in her gold medal victory: No social media

American track gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin was noticeably absent on social media in the weeks leading up to the Tokyo Olympics. That was on purpose.

McLaughlin’s only interactions on Twitter before Thursday were a few retweets from her cover story with L’Officiel USA. On Instagram, she posted the same L’Officiel cover and a video promoting the Jonas Brothers making an appearance on NBC.

That was it.

With the talk of mental health awareness heating up in the days before the Olympics, McLaughlin admitted she broke off her social media interactions to focus on what was important.

“I think when you have a lot of outside voices coming in, it can definitely alter what you have going on internally,” she said, via The New York Times. “The more I can distance myself from that, the more I can stay as calm and as relaxed as possible.”

She added: “A lot of that is outside things I can’t control and I just tried to minimize it. I stayed off social media, stayed in my room, talked to friends and family and stuck to what I knew.”

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