Warren County Schools to provide free meals to students this upcoming school year

Warren County Schools will be offering free meals to students this upcoming school year.

Schools have been approved to participate in a program called ‘Seamless Summer.’

”We have not been able to apply to this program in the past. This is something that was brought to our attention over the end of last year, in the March and April time frame that we would be available to apply for it and we did apply for this program and we were accepted. Also, the Warren County School Board approved for us to be able to take part in this at the June Board meeting,” said Kelly Holt, Nutrition and Dining Department Director.

Every student in the Warren County School System will be able to receive a free breakfast and free lunch every school day for the upcoming year.

The Nutrition and Dining Department sought out the program to help families’ pocketbooks and to provide the needed nutrition to students. Director Holt says this program also provides students with the nutrition they need to be focused and healthy during the school day.

“Everyone of our cafeterias have full faith and I hope parents have full trust that we’re providing fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, whole grains, high quality protein everyday, and fresh fluid milk. Things that kids need in order to succeed in the classroom. They’re getting the nutrition in our cafeterias. So all the great work that’s done within our classrooms is supported by the nutrition that we bring them everyday,” Director Holt said.

Holt says on average families pay $16-17 a week per child.

This program allows them to save that weekly cost for other necessities throughout the school year.

”If they were in a school where they paid full price for their breakfast and lunch, it would cost somewhere between $16-17 a week per child. So, let’s say a family has three children. That’s close to $50 a week that we can actually save and keep in our community’s pockets and they can take that money and spend it on other food at home. Maybe be together for a day outing and have family time, or pay an electric bill,” Director Holt said.

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