Matt Bevin should run again for Kentucky governor. Oh the commercials we would see

Rumors started flying a month or so ago that former Gov. Matt Bevin may be considering another run for the job former gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy calls the “chief magistrate of Kentucky.”

Count me in.

Can you imagine the epic television commercials his Republican primary opponents could run against him? Or what about the ones Andy Beshear would undoubtedly air if Bevin survived what is sure to be a brutal primary, after the way Bevin treated him and his family?

Or what about the super PACs that can be even more brutal in their television ads than opposing candidates?

And think about how cold-blooded the ads would be now that the feds have again indicted two of the people Bevin freed from prison as time expired in his first – and dare I say – only term as governor. And what if more people are re-indicted by federal grand juries?

I mean, think of it.

Kentucky voters didn’t like Bevin BEFORE he pardoned murderers and child molesters. Just think how they would roundly reject him if he tried to come back now.

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