Legislative committee rejects governor’s revised mask mandate

A legislative subcommittee charged with overseeing the state’s regulatory process rejected a regulation Tuesday that would allow the governor to extend the mask mandate past its June 11 expiration date.

Despite its expiration in three days, the administration filed the emergency regulation to align the governor’s revised mandate with new federal recommendations.

“On paper this may be a revision, but in reality this is a new mask mandate and would have to be repealed by the governor,” legislative committee co-chair David Hale, R-Wellington, said. “We have no intention of extending a regulation that could have devastating effect on Kentucky businesses that could or could not be repealed.”

Pursuant to KRS 13A.270, the cabinet held a public hearing on the provisions provided in the new regulation. During the hearing, Kentuckians from throughout the state communicated concerns regarding mask mandates, some specifically citing a study released from the CDC, where 70% of respondents who wore a mask contracted COVID-19.

“Even after hearing Kentuckians’ concerns, the administration refused to amend the regulation,” Hale said. “At this point, it seems like this regulation and any additional mandates are more about control, and less about public health.”

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