Fox News Poll: 1 in 5 voters reject vaccine, concern about coronavirus drops

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on into year two and U.S. eligibility for vaccines rises, a new Fox News poll finds one in five registered voters plan to skip the shot.

The survey, released Sunday, shows that while 7 in 10 voters have either already received a vaccine (58 percent) or plan to (13 percent), more than 1 in 5 aren’t scheduling their novel coronavirus inoculation (22 percent).

Those most likely to decline the jab include Republican women (43 percent), very conservatives (41 percent), white evangelicals (32 percent), whites without a college degree (28 percent), rural voters (26 percent), and Millennials (26 percent).

When asked why they don’t plan to get a shot, the most frequently cited concerns were that development was rushed and a desire for more data (28 percent). Skepticism about the vaccine working (16 percent) came in second followed by indifference about coronavirus (10 percent), and worry about side effects and distrust of the government (9 percent each).

Buoyed by good news on vaccinations and a drop in new COVID-19 cases, President Biden enjoys positive marks on coronavirus: 58 percent approving vs. 34 percent disapproving. That includes a quarter of Republicans approving (24 percent).

The campaign to get people vaccinated could also be responsible for the decline in concern about the coronavirus spreading throughout the United States (71 percent concerned vs. 27 percent not concerned). Last April, in the early months of the pandemic, concern hit a high of 94 percent.

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