An emotional Andy Beshear denounces covert photos of son at baseball games being posted online

Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday angrily denounced people who he said had been “secretly and covertly” taking pictures of his son at baseball games and posting them online.

Speaking at his daily news conference, Beshear volunteered the information as he answered a question about why he pulled his son, Will, 11, from a baseball tournament Sunday because participants weren’t taking precautions against COVID-19, including requiring masks.

He said he believes the photos were meant to send a message.

“I know when people try to post pictures of my kids, what they’re really trying to tell me is, we know where you are. We can get to you,” Beshear said.

He didn’t elaborate on the photos or identify who took and posted them but compared the situation to the Memorial Day weekend Second Amendment rally at the Capitol where protesters, some armed, marched to the Governor’s Mansion and stood on the porch calling for him to come out, demanding he resign. Some protesters then returned to the Capitol grounds, where they hung Beshear in effigy.

While saying he believes children should be “off-limits,” Beshear on Monday answered a question about the baseball tournament this way:

“I thought that what happened when the armed protesters walked through the barriers at the Governor’s Mansion and walked up to the porch and heckled and wanted me to come outside and hung me in effigy would be one of the toughest days on my family during my term as governor,” Beshear said. “But a couple of weeks ago, somebody started secretly and covertly taking pictures of my son at his baseball games and posting them online. Yeah. I hope everybody out there knows that’s something you should never do, no matter what, no matter who’s the parent of that kid. That is really wrong.”

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