Sen. Rand Paul says Gov. Andy Beshear ‘drunk with power’

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul says Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is “drunk with power” and that the shutdown needs to end as soon as possible.

“He now thinks that he can dictate to every business in Kentucky what they must do to stay open,” Paul said in a satellite interview with WDRB’s Lawrence Smith Thursday morning.

“This is a huge mistake for any society or any state to give so much power to one person. For goodness sakes, the state legislature has had no say in any of this. And what about the mayors and the judge executives and the property owners and the churchgoers and the church owners? Do we not have any say anymore in what we do? Do we have to take a dictate from the governor?”

Gov. Beshear has argued that his social distancing measures have had a positive impact on the state, citing lower infection and fatality rates compared with some neighboring states.

During Thursday morning’s interview, Paul also discussed his decision to not wear a mask, arguing that he now has immunity to the disease after testing positive for it in March.

Paul says he’s been tested and has antibodies.

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