Jersey City Muslim and Coptic Christian parents angry over state-mandated LGBT curriculum

More than 60 Muslim and Coptic Christian parents stood together Thursday night at the Jersey City Board of Education meeting to denounce the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) curriculum mandated by the state, claiming it violates their First Amendment rights.

Last January Gov. Phil Murphy signed the law that requires schools teach middle- and high-schoolers about the political, economic, and social contributions of LGBT people starting in 2020-21.

The Rev. Thomas Nashed, of the St. George & St. Shenouda Church on Bergen Avenue, said the critics of the curriculum are not trying to tell others how to live, but think it is a form of LGBT indoctrination.

“We respect, love and tolerate everyone the same, as we are all the creation of God, “said Nashed, who is also a parent. “The schools have a duty to educate the children, not to sexualize them and force our kids to have sexual education by labeling everything to a sexual orientation, therefore stripping away their innocence.

“Let’s be clear it is the parent’s right and only the parent’s right to teach their own children such matters.”

New Jersey is only the second state in the nation after California to pass a law requiring LGBT curriculum, which will determined by the board. The Department of Education sets academic standards but does not write curriculum.

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