Something new for Bevin and Beshear to spar over: Capitol office space

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear doesn’t like it, but Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration is taking over some of his office space in the Kentucky Capitol.

Finance and Administration Secretary William M. Landrum III informed Holly McCoy-Johnson, Beshear’s administrative services director, in a June 26 letter that the administration will move an unnamed tenant into two first-floor rooms on the front side of the Capitol now occupied by Beshear employees near his office and convert two rooms in the Capitol basement for use by the attorney general’s office.

The letter and others on the subject were obtained by the Lexington Herald-Leader through a request under the Open Records Act.

“These are the types of petty actions we have come to expect, but we are not going to let anything prevent us from fighting for Kentucky families,” said Beshear spokeswoman Crystal Staley.

Bevin spokeswoman Elizabeth Kuhn said the space in question “has not been used for months by the attorney general’s office, and it was only after our legal office requested to use it that Andy Beshear decided to move one of his nearly 90 attorneys into the space.”

“The governor’s legal team currently employs only three attorneys who work around the clock to defend Kentuckians while the attorney general refuses to do so,” she said. “It is childish and petty for the attorney general to complain about having to move one of his attorneys to another location in the Capitol.”

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