Bevin: Lawmakers need ‘the intestinal fortitude’ to pass pension reform

FRANKFORT — Gov. Matt Bevin on Tuesday scolded legislators for not passing pension reform during the nearly concluded legislative session.

Reverting to the rhetoric he used at the end of last year after legislative leaders quickly adjourned the special session he called to pass pension reform, Bevin said in a radio interview, “We just need men and women to step up, have the intestinal fortitude, and make hard decisions.”

Bevin ripped lawmakers for failing to address the pension crisis at the special session he called last December, and then taking a high-profile step of creating a working group that despite many meetings produced no bill for this session.

He said the General Assembly still has time to pass reform legislation when it returns for the final day of the session on March 28.

“Not a chance. Not a chance,” Bevin said in the interview with Chad Young of WKCT radio in Bowling Green. “… Like Charlie Brown and the football with Lucy? I mean, seriously.”

Bevin said, “There’s no chance that I’m going to pay them extra money, or the taxpayers are going to pay them extra money, to come in and do a job that they still have time to do.”

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