Fighting for life in Commonwealth

At least now we have clarity on the issue. Now that the hard left has dropped the pretense of “safe, legal and rare” or “a collection of cells is not a fetus,” we can better see beneath their masks. With the passage of a barbaric new law in New York, we now see that the true agenda of pro-abortion advocates across this nation is the mass murder of innocent babies, even after they have been born and are crying for their mothers.

That’s a difficult line to read, much less to allow to sink in to one’s consciousness. Tragically…monstrously, it is an accurate reflection of the liberal position in New York and Virginia, and is sadly true for some liberals in Kentucky as well.

I am grateful that the vast majority of my fellow Kentuckians will not stand for this in our Commonwealth. We will not allow the most innocent among us to be treated in this horrific manner. That is why, led by our administration, we have passed some of the most effective pro-life measures in America today. I applaud the General Assembly for the overwhelming bipartisan support of these measures. On average, these bills passed with over 80 percent support of representatives and senators from both parties.

In Kentucky we have laws to:

·        Ban abortions after 20 weeks (when babies can feel pain).

·        Require an ultrasound before abortion so the mother at least has the option to see her baby.

·        Protect babies from being dismembered in the womb.


My legal team has been working tirelessly to defend many of these laws in court. Defending Kentucky law should be the responsibility of the attorney general, who Kentucky voters elected for that purpose. But Andy Beshear not only has refused to defend these laws, and thus defend babies, he recently wrote a letter that can only be described as desperate.

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