Every State’s Most Googled Search on New Year’s Day

Cue the noisemakers. It’s almost time to bust open the bubbly, put on your 2019 party hat, and get ready to count down to the New Year . . . or hop on Google to find the answer to life’s most compelling questions.

There’s no time like New Year’s to use Google to feed your hunger, do some soul searching, and set some #goals. And hunger was definitely a concern last New Year’s—”McDonald’s” was the most popular search that day. Those weight-loss goals can wait. We’ve got an Egg McMuffin to devour!

But that’s not all we searched for as a nation. Here’s what else was on the mind that day:

1. Kansas—“Bitcoin value”

Want to know where all those bitcoin millionaires live? We have a hunch they’re in Kansas. Dorothy’s home state took a detour on the way to Oz and headed instead to the just-as-magical land of cryptocurrency.

2. New Mexico and Rhode Island—“Detoxification”

We’re not sure if these two states are ready to start a detox diet and tackle their #NewYearsGoals or if they need a little help recovering from last night’s party. Either way, we recommend drinking lots of water.

3. Kentucky and Louisiana—“How to get rid of a hangover”

Speaking of last night’s party, it looks like the Bluegrass State and the land of Mardi Gras are regretting their drinking choices. Maybe they should have followed Ron Swanson’s advice and ended the night with a large flank steak and wet socks. (It might not work, but we won’t say no to an obligatory steak.)

4. Florida—“Cab near me”

We applaud Floridians for grabbing a cab home after a night of celebration. If you find yourself without a designated driver this New Year’s, follow Florida’s example. And to make sure you get home safe, SafeWise is giving away Lyft gift cards.

5. Texas and Virginia—“How to open a champagne bottle”

The party doesn’t stop in Texas and Virginia. These two states are still pouring the bubbly—that is if they can figure out how to open the bottle. First tip? Don’t use a corkscrew. That surprised us too. Here’s how to open your bottle of champagne.

That’s just a peek at what states google on New Year’s—the full list is below. If we had any bets on what the most popular searches will be for 2019, well, our money’s on more McDonald’s, football stats, and hangover cures. God bless America.

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