Bringing American politics back from the brink

My Democratic colleagues have grown desperate. In the two years their party has sat on the sidelines, our nation has thrived under Republican leadership. That must be why, month after month, on issue after issue, Democrats and their far-left allies have tried to replace inconvenient facts with pure partisan scare tactics.

The latest installment landed earlier this week. The Senate’s Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer, published an op-ed that twisted some uncontroversial comments I made about our nation’s long-term need for bipartisan spending reform. Sen. Schumer laid out quite the fiery indictment — of comments I never made and views I don’t hold.

The Washington Post’s fact-checker saw right through this Democratic distortion. When another member of Leader Schumer’s conference recently tried a similar line of attack, The Post promptly awarded it “four Pinocchios.” They researched Democrats’ claim that Republicans are gunning to unilaterally snatch away decades-old programs like Social Security and Medicare and called it what it is — “a whopper.” And they noted what I’ve consistently said for months on this subject: “McConnell says there needs to be a bipartisan solution.”

In a normal year, such a dishonest line of attack might rank among the more embarrassing episodes. Unfortunately, in 2018, it is simply par for the course. The pattern has proven consistent. When facts fail the far left, they ratchet up the fear instead.

Exhibit A was the recent Supreme Court showdown. Democrats were intent on sabotaging Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation for partisan reasons, but they lacked any factual basis for doing so. We all know what came next: A shameful spectacle of character assassination, fueled by uncorroborated allegations and outlandish smears.

Fortunately, senators saw through to the facts. But the far left was just getting started. Drawing on explicit encouragement from leading Democrats, angry protesters tried to make elected officials personally afraid. Over the past days and weeks, United States Senators and their families have been subjected to death threats, driven from restaurants, harassed at their homes, followed through airports, and chased through the halls of the Senate. Screaming activists have stormed up the steps of both the Capitol and the Supreme Court.

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