Former WKU student body president sues university, Caboni

A former student body president is suing Western Kentucky University, alleging WKU President Timothy Caboni and other campus administrators failed to stop harassment and “verbal, mental and emotional abuse” that caused her to fear for her safety.

In a federal complaint filed Friday, Loandria “Andi” Dahmer claimed she was subject to escalating levels of sex-based discrimination and harassment from fellow students, including Phi Delta Theta fraternity members.

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Along with Caboni, the suit names the university, assistant general counsel and Title IX coordinator Andrea Anderson and director of student activities Charley Pride as defendants.

According to the complaint, Dahmer was cursed at and berated by WKU students and was the subject of anonymous, insulting messages, including a note left on her car that read “Go f— yourself.”

While staying in her dorm, Dahmer received random knocks on her door and “at another point, a truck with a Phi Delta sticker revved its engine at (Dahmer) while she was in a parking lot, as if to indicate the driver was going to run over (Dahmer),” according to the complaint.

The behavior prompted Dahmer to spend the night with friends, alter her routes on campus to avoid Phi Delta Theta members and request police escorts to class, according to the complaint.

Additionally, severe stress she experienced resulted in health problems, such as rapid weight loss, the complaint alleges.

“She suffered tremendously as a result of the hostile environment and undoubtedly has lost out on educational opportunities,” the lawsuit reads.

According to the complaint, Dahmer reported the behavior to WKU’s Title IX office, but she was later told her case fell under the Student Code of Conduct instead.

In an interview about the behavior in May, WKU general counsel Deborah Wilkins said the behavior did not rise to the university’s view of harassment.

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