Former ISIS slave flees Germany after encountering her captor

A young woman who escaped slavery in Iraq only to encounter her tormentor in Germany has fled back to her home country.

Ashwaq Haji Hamid, 19, was one of roughly 5,000 women from the Yazidi minority group to be cruelly kidnapped by ISIS in 2014 as the group imposed a reign of terror throughout Iraq.

She and her family came to a town near Stuttgart, Germany, through a humanitarian program as ISIS’s hold on Iraq crumbled.

While striving to build a new life, she encountered her former tormentor.

“I ran away from Iraq so I would not see that ugly face and forget anything that reminds me of it, but I was shocked to see him in Germany,” Hamid told the news site InfoMigrants.

“If I had not seen him, I would have stayed in Germany. I wanted to complete my studies and get a degree that would give me a decent life.”

The first time she noticed her former captor was on her way home after school. Her mother told her that no one could hurt her in Germany.

Then in February, while she was shopping, a man called her name out. When she denied knowing him, he menacingly said he knew where she lived.

Cops told her since he was also a refugee, there was nothing they could do.

With authorities’ hands seemingly tied, Hamid decided to head to Iraqi Kurdistan. She now lives at a camp there with her mom and dad.

She called on German police to take action to prevent other Yazidi women from meeting the same fate.

“I want nothing from the German government except for that man to be punished, for them to realize that there are a lot of other women in Germany who have stories similar to mine and to protect them from ISIS in Germany,” she said.

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